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From the dawn of civilization, the indigenous people of the Middle East have created delectable meat and vegetable dishes using a unique style of cooking known as Saj. At first, food like lamb or beef was prepared on flat, round rocks that were heated by the sun and combined with fresh vegetables, rich spices, and flavorful marinades. But as time evolved, a metal dome heated from underneath was developed that came to be called Saj. Following an extensive culinary tour of the Mediterranean region, our chefs have mastered this Old World style of cooking and are presenting it to you for the very first time. Because the dome is heated at the optimal temperature of 500 degrees, our USDA prime meat, fresh fish and seafood, organic vegetables, and secret sauces are cooked quickly to seal in the flavors — and without any of the harmful properties associated with cooking directly over a flame grill. We also have undertaken extensive research to develop the finest culinary dishes for your pleasure. Consider our grape leaves, which underwent 20 different recipes before we selected our final delectable offering. Or our falafel, which we spent countless hours developing, including more than 100 separate recipes. In fact, every dish on our menu is handmade — even our ice cream. Along with our passion for sterling service and a rich, memorable décor that evokes Old World Lebanon, we hope you will agree with us that this will be your first of many visits to La Saj.




Established in 2009.


We want to create a customer experience around tradition, food and service.


Meet the Business Owner


Business owner information


Sal A.


Business Owner


Owner Sal grew up in a Lebanese kitchen with a passion for the food. This passion manifested into a desire to share, and La Saj was born. Today, few things make him as happy as the praise of his customers.





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