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Feedback Policy

At Rakwa USA, a platform owned and managed by New Media Focus Inc., we deeply value the input and engagement of our community. Our Feedback Policy is designed to foster a constructive and open dialogue between Rakwa USA and our users, ensuring that we continuously evolve and improve in alignment with the needs and expectations of the Arab American community we serve. This policy outlines our approach to collecting, responding to, and utilizing feedback.

Collecting Feedback

  • Multiple Channels: Feedback can be submitted through our website via contact forms, direct emails, and through our social media platforms. We strive to make giving feedback as accessible and straightforward as possible.
  • Active Encouragement: We encourage our users, including business owners listed on our platform and consumers, to share their experiences, suggestions, and concerns. We believe in the power of community insights to drive positive change.

Responding to Feedback

  • Timely Acknowledgment: All feedback received is acknowledged promptly, typically within 48 hours, to ensure that every voice is heard and valued.
  • Considered Evaluation: Feedback is carefully evaluated by our team to determine the most appropriate course of action, whether it involves addressing specific concerns, making improvements, or considering new features.
  • Transparent Follow-Up: We commit to following up on significant feedback, providing updates on the actions taken in response to the community’s input.

Engaging with the Public

  • Commitment to Transparency: Rakwa USA is committed to transparency in how we handle feedback. We share how the feedback we receive influences our decisions, features, and policies.
  • Updates and Improvements: We regularly inform our community about updates, new features, and improvements made as a direct result of their feedback, reinforcing the value of their contributions.

Prioritizing Transparency and Privacy

  • Open Communication: Our policy promotes open communication while respecting the privacy and confidentiality of our users. Feedback is handled with the utmost respect for individual privacy concerns.
  • Protection of Information: Personal information shared through feedback is protected and used solely for the purpose of enhancing our service and user experience.

Continuous Improvement

  • Regular Review: Feedback is regularly reviewed in team sessions, ensuring a collective understanding of our community’s needs and how best to address them.
  • Adaptive Strategies: We remain adaptable, recognizing that feedback is a crucial driver of innovation and improvement. Our strategies and operations evolve in response to the valuable insights we gain from our community.


The Feedback Policy at Rakwa USA reflects our dedication to creating a platform that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the Arab American community. We view feedback as an essential element of our growth strategy and a cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. By embracing the insights and perspectives of our users, we aim to enhance the Rakwa USA experience, fostering a vibrant and supportive community for Arab American businesses and their customers.

We welcome and appreciate all feedback, seeing it as a vital part of our journey towards becoming the most trusted and comprehensive directory for Arab American businesses in the USA.