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Featuring the finest in Persian cuisine, the staff at Caspian Restaurant provide the outmost
professional and memorable experience for all events held, come join us with friends and family to
celebrate each other and life.


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  • Sepehr rb
    Sepehr rb
    a month ago

    Food: amazing, one of the best kabab koubideh that I have ever tried. Portion: really big Service: super friendly staff + food preparation so quick and lovely atmosphere The restaurant even added one more item in addition to what we ordered as starter for free. Really recommend this restaurant.

  • Nikki Wilkerson
    Nikki Wilkerson
    5 months ago

    This place was recommended by a Persian friend of mine who is a foodie and I used to be a chef. Hands down they had the juiciest koobideh I’ve tried in the area - could add a tiny bit more salt though, but it wasn’t a problem. You should fix everything with a heaping dash of sumac anyway, for tartness instead of salt. The gheimeh also had real potato’s not the crispy fried chips you find elsewhere. The saffron ice cream was delicious and sprinkled with pistachios - nice touch as many Persian restaurants at this price point don’t add details like that. They have details that you know you’re getting your money’s worth - like the platters they serve the food in, extra large portions, a shirazi salad with herbs and chopped finely and evenly - not just rough chopped(that actually does matter!), the bread platter served at the beginning of our meal, sabzi khordan too if you ask for it, glassware and flatware that are more high-end for the prices they charge. Service was great, although our server did take my plate away before I was done eating without asking me if I was finished. It seemed rushed and the restaurant wasn’t busy during that time, so I didn’t understand the rush. Other than that, the experience was wonderful and the staff was extra friendly and informative of all the questions I had about how the food was prepared.

  • Parisa Asayesh
    Parisa Asayesh
    a month ago

    I recommend this place not only because of the good quality of their kabab but also for their great service. I ordered koobideh with basmati rice. The koobideh tasted homemade! Not too salty, not too greasy, juicy and delicious. The Mast o Mosir was exactly like the one you would eat at your grandma’s house! I placed my order online on my way back home from work, supper hungry and tired. Unfortunately, because of the storm, their system was down and didn’t receive my order. Even though they were about to close, they prepared my food with extra Mast o Mosir on the side. When they realized how hungry I was, they kindly offered me to sit there and enjoy my warm Koobideh. I believe two things make your experience enjoyable and draw you back to the same place when you pick a restaurant: first, the quality of the food, and second, the good service. I am confident that I can try different cuisines at this place next time.

  • Ethan Nguyen
    Ethan Nguyen
    a month ago

    List of Items ordered: Baghali Polo (Lamb Shank) (Entree) 2x Koobideh (Beef) Skewer plate (Entree) Chicken Skewer plate (Entree) Dolma (Appetizer) Baklava (Dessert) Total: About $131 For the location of the place, it was a welcome surprise with the atmosphere. It felt like upscale dining and the service was wonderful. They were very attentive, and eye contact alone will get their attention to serve you. Although the menu may seem pricey, the portions they give you absolutely make up for the prices and more. Entree plates are about 8-9 inches in diameter and are full with rice, a light salad and roasted vegetables, including your choice of protein of course. The Chicken skewer plate came with 2 skewer lengths that were taken off the skewer and were juicy. I was under the impression that a barbeque style of cook dries out the chicken but however they cook it, it's perfection. My colleagues enjoyed the fact that the lamb shank easily fell off the bone and the Koobideh plate was just juicy. We later asked if we could add a to-go Koobideh plate to our order and it was out to us in the next 10 minutes. Definitely will be coming back to eat at this hidden gem with more friends.

  • Amin Farhang
    Amin Farhang
    2 months ago

    Nice Persian style Kebabs. Decent quality ingredients. Highly recommend their “Tahdig Plater” for appetizer.

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