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Mission Statement

We believe that political power is not a function of numbers alone but is a combined product of initiative, innovation and determination. We, therefore need to unlock our energies and transform our present pent-up frustration, anger and pain into creative and meaningful steps towards  political empowerment of the American Muslim community. One way of doing that is to methodically gain influencein the American political system commensurate with the sum total of our skills and creativity, resourcefulness, imagination, moral and ethical concerns,our intellectual contributions and our strength of numbers.

Our main goal is to organize the American Muslim community in the mainstream public affairs, civic discourse and party politics all across the United States. As a nation wide community we must organize ourselves nation wide: in every state and every congressional district. It is our mission to organize Muslims in all fifty states and have an AMA chapter in each of the 435 Congressional Districts. Currently, AMA has  98 chapters in 31 states.

AMA Goals: 

1) To get a qualified American Muslims elected to the US Congress.
2) To identify and train American Muslims to run for public offices at all levels in the American Political System..
3) To get qualified Muslim Americans elected as delegates to the Democratic and Republican state and national conventions.
4) To develop long-term Muslim political strategies.
5) The AMA is in the business of producing American Muslim leaders for the American mainstream and our ultimate goal is to earn the right to co-author America’s vision of itself and its destiny.

AMA Activities:

1) Political education and leadership training.
2) Candidate, campaign and issue research and analysis.
3) Maintenance of a comprehensive database of American Muslim candidatesand campaigns.
4) Developing political strategies and articulating policy positions.
5) Issuance of election advisories.
6) Voter registration, education and mobilization.
7) Organized participation (including hospitality suites) at the national and state conventions of Democratic and Republican Parties.
8) Formation of political clubs.
9) Workshops, seminars and conferences on ‘Political Access / Action Though The Internet’ and ‘Public Debate and Public Policy’.

What leaders and elected officials are saying

” This is the most innovative and thoughtful program to increase voter turnout that I have observed in fifty years of political involvement.”
Congressman Paul Findley

” I commend the AMA for its ability to rise above basic participation to motivating American Muslims to become active participants in public office.By encouraging Muslims to run for public office, the AMA has brought political participation among Muslim community to an elevated level.”
Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, (OH)

“AMA is helping to give your community the voice it needs and deserves. That voice has never been heard more clearly than it is right now.”
Congressman David Bonior, (MI)

” I would like to recognize the AMA for its ability to transcend basic participation to promote American Muslims to seek public offices. AMA has recognized that meeting elected officials is one thing, but actually serving in those positions should be the goal.”
Congressman Ciro D. Rodriquez, (TX)

” I applaud the AMA and all the convention participants for understanding and acting on the importance of involvement in the political process.”
Congressman Gregory W. Meeks, (NY)

“AMA is a grassroots organization that has been tremendously effective in informing the public, including elected officials, on issues important to all Americans.  I deeply appreciate the efforts of AMA and commend their members and leadership for their commitment to democracy.”
Congressman Tom Campbell, (CA)

“I am pleased to note that the increased political involvement among American Muslims that you have helped inspire in Massachusetts has evolved into the American Muslim Alliance (AMA), a national organization workingtoward the empowerment and mobilization of this vibrant community.”
William F. Weld
Governor of Massachusetts

“AMA is a textbook example of how to get involved with the political process, by encouraging people to register to vote, getting involved with political campaigns as volunteers and recruiting candidates for public office.”
Congressman Dick Zimmer

“Participation is the key to the American political system and your efforts to involve the community in the political process will pay off, both for your community as well as for other communities.”
Congressman Robert G. Torricelli

“Your goal is one of the most important aspects of the American political system because it speaks to the issue of participation.  Only through direct participation can any community make their collective voices heard.”
Richard J. LaRossa
Senator, 15th District, New Jersey

“Membership in AMA is not optional but mandatory for every Muslim”.
Dr. Maher Hathout
Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)


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