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Are you looking for the best, cleanest and most refreshing water in Rancho Cucamonga? Looking for some great water related items…and some amazing snacks and quick foods? Look no further!

We have a water dispenser in my house and hadn't used it in a long while because the big guys (i.e sparkletts and others) just became too expensive. I happened to find this spot and Emad, the owner, was super nice and courteous. I drank some sample alkaline water and it was so refreshing that I couldn't resist! So, I brought my old bottles, he cleaned them and filled them for a super awesome price! I've now gotten about 20 bottles refilled with him and I'll definitely keep going!

But, besides the water, you can't pass up the side snacks! From simple chips and soda to totally awesome and authentic ethnic snacks from the middle east! Along with those, they have dry goods, sweets, speciality bottled drinks and even special order middle eastern cheeses and pickles! Just ask Emad, he'll tell you all they have!

Over all, you gotta stop by for the water and so much more! Enjoy!





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